Name Industry Type Education Job Title Area
Esmarelda Kotze Personal Administrative Grade 11 Personal Assistant Springs
Frank Coetzee Agriculture Administrative Grade 12 Architect Pretoria
Frank Coetzee Internet Administrative Grade 12 Bodyguard Pretoria

Frank Coetzee

Frank Coetzee
Type: Architect / Artist / Attendant / Auditor
Age: 51
Language: Afrikaans / English
Employment Type: Any
Industry: Agriculture / Business
Job Group: Administrative / Support
Skills: Mobile development, Oracle support, Mysql Database
Certificates: Computer literacy, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Bookkeeping diploma

This is a detailed description about the available job.

We need several programmers for our Pretoria office and preference will be given to candidates that complete our in-house testing during the interview.

Regular courses are also provided to our work force to help you build your skills and qualifications at a dynamic company.

Employer: ABSA Bank